‘The figures of the horse, the stag, the swan and the hare constantly come and go: figures which pass freely from one level of existence to another, which represent the incarnation of the soul…’    Joseph Beuys

The ancient relationship between horse, man and the natural world is a recurrent theme in my work.  Yet the horse has always been dominated.  A domination which is never ending.  The horse here is an image of late antiquity, the glories of the Eastern Empire and high byzantine art.

My paintings are inspired by equine statues I have come across on my travels.

The Horses of Helios, greek god of the sun, is a powerful bronze sculpture of four rearing horses made by Rudy Weller located very near Piccadilly Circus.

At the Powerscourt Estate, Co Wicklow, Ireland one of the most striking features of the Italian Gardens within the estate is the pair of life sized zinc Winged Horses which watch over Triton lake. They were created by Professor Hugo Hagen in Berlin in 1869.

My war horse paintings were inspired by one of many Venetian trips and the magnificent bronze quadriga statues of St Marks Cathedral.   The horses were transported from Constantinople to Venice in 1204 following the rampaging of the city at the hands of the Crusaders supported by Doge Enrico Dandolo.

These sculptures draw on the strength and beauty of such sublime animals which I am attempting to capture within the painted image contrasting with the ravages of waging war and the elements.


Belinda Thomas lives in the Vale of Belvoir


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BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Lincoln, graduated 2013
Art Foundation Course (distinction), Grantham College, 2010


Impact Series, Photography Exhibition, Blue Owl Art, 2015
War Horse, Launch, Blue Owl Art, 2014
Deep Philosophical Thoughts Stole My Bike, Greestone Gallery, Lincoln, 2013,
Reel 4, Bonding, 2012, video, Monks Gallery, Lincoln, 2013
Designated Viewpoint, Group Show, Greestone Gallery, 2012
You’ve Got Everything Now, Group Show, Bean Stalk I, Dogma, Lincoln, 2012
The Family, Group Show, Electives, Greestone Gallery, University of Lincoln, 2012
Deer series of five paintings, Greestone Gallery, University of Lincoln, 2011
Exploration, group painting exhibition, Greestone Gallery, University of Lincoln, 2011
Animal, collaborative work, Greestone Gallery, University of Lincoln, October 2011
Foundation Exhibition, 2010, Grantham College, Grantham
Chicken, sculpture, cardboard, Gallery, Grantham College, Grantham, 2010


War Horses, acrylic on mdf, 168x60cm, 2010, boardroom, Grantham College
Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 126x100cm, 2010 boardroom, Grantham College


Shortlisted for an art work commission at the Humanities Building, University of Nottingham, July 2012 in collaboration with Jette Rasmussen


Set up & manage Blue Owl Art Gallery in partnership, Grantham from 2014 to April 2022
Volunteer, I is Another launch Event, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, 2012
Volunteer, Hatch performance, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, 2012
Volunteer, Qawwali Nights, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, 2012
Volunteer, launch event for Culture Cloud, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, 2012
Volunteer, Sculpture Workshop, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, 2012
Volunteer, launch night of Rashid Rana’s Everything is Happening at Once, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, 2012
Volunteer invigilator for Richard Long and Cornelia Parker’s Sculpture from Landscape, Usher Gallery, Lincoln, 2012
Volunteer invigilator, Frequency Fringe Art Festival, Lincoln, 2011
Assistant to third year student for Degree Show,University of Lincoln, 2011